Treadmetrix Instrumented Treadmill

The 3D Force Treadmill (3D FTM) by Treadmetrix measures all 3 force components (Fx, Fy and Fz) during treadmill running and walking at a wide range of speeds and grades.  The treadmill utilises a module design incorporating four AMTI MC3 strain gauge sensing elements and amplifiers.  The entire honeycomb composite treadmill is supported by the sensing elements, producing outstanding signal to noise ratios.

The treadmill's advanced servo motor system ensures that the treadmill speed remains constant under high loads and allows the development of custom speed and grade protocols.

The 3D Force Treadmill allows continuous measurements of reaction forces and centre of pressure (COP) during multiple footfalls.  It is suitable for biomechanics research, clinical and sports medicine applications.  View the Treadmetrix website at

The 3D Force Treadmill offers real-time integration with Qualisys QTM software -( or integration with Visual3D software by C-Motion   Visual 3D integrated with Treadmetrix FTM treadmill by Qualisys kinetics 2D/3D kinematics.

The treadmill can be purchased with or without an incline capability.  Download Product Sheet here.

There is also a Dartfish compatible version.  Download Product Sheet here.

Video of Force Treadmill with Dartfish integration running at 12mph with 25% incline

Treadmetrix running with incline