AMTI implements force plate standard ASTM F3109-16

AMTi is now the first global multi-axis force plate manufacturer to follow ASTM's international "Standard Test Method for Verification of Multi-Axis Force Measuring Platforms".  AMTI's patented OPTIMA and OPTIMA-L lines of force plates will adhere to this verification process to ensure edge to edge accuracy and consistency in calibration and performance. 

Sponsorship News

Summit Medical and Scientific are proud to support the development of the prestigious European MSc in Advanced Rehabilitation Technologies.  The Lifelong Learning Program: Erasmus Multilateral Projects Award for the development of the MSc is being shared by the University of Strathclyde and Southampton University, along with 9 partner universities across Europe and will involve different professions and nationalities working together.  The project hopes to develop a Masters Programme that will produce leaders who can advance this growing market for clinical, research, technical and commercial purposes in advanced rehabilitative technologies.  See more at 

Force and Motion Foundation Scholarships 

The Force and Motion Academic Scholarship, made possible by funds from AMTI, is awarded annually to assist promising graduate students in fields related to multi-axis force measurement and testing.

During the 2015-2016 academic year, the Foundation will award $10,000 scholarships to help defray the qualified higher education expenses of two promising graduate students. Scholarships will be offered on a competitive basis; applications will be judged by the Force and Motion Foundation’s review board based on quality, scientific contribution, and innovation. Current restrictions on non-profit organizations require that all applicants be actively enrolled at a U.S. or international university. 

Travel Awards. The Force and Motion Foundation and AMTI offer several $500 travel awards to aid students with costs associated with attendance at scientific conferences. These Travel Awards are now available to students at universities and colleges outside of the United States!

Applicants must upload a scientific poster related to force measurement and testing,  which has been accepted into a conference, to the Foundation’s Virtual Poster Session and complete a travel award application.

Every uploaded poster may be used to apply for one current or future travel scholarship; however, each student is only allowed one application per review cycle.

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