Myon 320S Sensors

NEW Myon 320S Sensors released:

The new Myon 320S Sensors integrate with the same wireless transmitters used for EMG. The signals are sent wirelessly using Myon's proprietary protocol ensuring the same ultra-low 16ms latency providing perfect synchronisation for all measurements, up to a range of 30 metres.  The 320S Sensor System integrates with your PC or your third party hardware exactly as other Myon Systems, making it very easy to integrate and use them together.

Accelerometer The Myon accelerometer measures acceleration in three dimensions with a sampling frequency of 1600 Hz per direction and a range of +/- 16 g. Up to 5 accelerometers can be used to directly measure the accelerations of the subject or object to which it is attached.

Foot Switch Sensor The Myon foot switch sensor is the easiest way to automatically pinpoint key events such as foot contact and foot off during gait, which can then be used to time normalise EMG or other data. Each foot switch has 4 contact points which can be attached to the bottom of the foot. Depending on which of the 4 is in contact with the ground, a different signal will be generated. With a sampling frequency of 4000Hz, the foot switch signal can be used to automatically generate events in the proEMG software.

Goniometer Sensor The Myon twin-axis goniometer is an easy-to-use device that measures angles in two dimensions. A range of different lengths allows the user to choose one which fits best for measuring joints like knee or wrist flexion/extension and ab/adduction. The goniometer gives you an accurate and reliable direct movement measurement with a range of up to +/- 150 degrees and a sampling rate of 2000 Hz per dimension. The Myon system supports up to 8 goniometers that can be used simultaneously to measure multiple joint angles without the need for other expensive equipment or complicated calibration procedures

The Myon 320 and 320S systems are fully compatible with commercial data acquisition and analysis packages such as PowerLab, Labview, etc.

The following accessories are available: Fastening straps with flexible pads

Myon 320S Accelerometer
Myon 320S Goniometer
Myon 320S Footswitch Sensor