Myon 320 - EMG made easy

The next generation Myon 320 (upgrading from the previous Myon 310 EMG system) manufactured by Myon-Prophyics, Zurich, Switzerland ( has new and improved features

  • Wireless transmission of EMG signals from up to 32 muscles to one receiver unit with a range of up to 30 metres.
  • Real time - constant, ultra low latency of just 16 ms - impossible to achieve with other WLAN or Bluetooth systems.
  • Continuous measurement up to 10 hours - measure all day and recharge at night
  • Attach and go - everything is plug and play, with no push buttons, adjustments to settings or network configuration required.  Simply attach the small and lightweight transmitters to the subject and start measuring immediately.
  • Fast, powerful integrated hardware and software - transmitters support other devices such as accelerometers, foot switches and goniometers.  Complete system integrates with 3D motion capture systems, force platforms, foot pressure mats etc.

Details can be seen in the Myon 320 Product Sheet.

The following accessories are available: Fastening straps with flexible pads

Contact us for further information and pricing.  We have a 4 channel system should you wish to see a demonstration.


Myon Prophysics
Myon 320
Transmits EMG signals from up to 32 muscles to a receiver unit with a range of up to 30 metres.  The EMG electrodes are placed on the muscle and a short cable leads to the small, lightweight transmitter places a few centimetres away.  The cable allows the transmitter to be positioned where it does not interfere with the subject's motion and also avoids unnecessary inertia which can cause movement artifacts.  There are no buttons, swtiches or adjustments to be made.  Simple and easy to use.
EMG Made Easy