Motek Medical - GRAIL

GRAIL - Gait Real-time Analysis Interactive Lab is a dedicated solution for gait analysis and gait training. GRAIL uses an instrumented dual-belt treadmill with optional pitch and sway, a motion-capture system and synchronized Virtual Reality (VR) environments next to 3 video cameras and EMG. GRAIL supports user friendly gait analysis and gait training in challenging conditions to improve (pathological) gait patterns. Real-time adjustments in GRAIL enable analysis and training during the same session.

The advantages of GRAIL:

  • Your complete gait lab on 25m2
  • Full gait analysis with gait report within 30 minutes
  • All gait parameters available in real-time for monitoring and interventions
  • GRAIL enables for the first time gait training using VR and direct feedback
  • Training options enable a 100% utilization rate


For the first time all gait parameters are processed in real-time and are directly available for gait training using immediate feedback. GRAIL facilitates both analysis and training, efficiently and cost effective in both the use of space and time. GRAIL can now be used as a standard for a variety of patient groups like neurological, orthopaedic, musculoskeletal complaints and the elderly with increase risk of falling.

GRAIL - the gait lab of the future

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GRAIL - Real-Time Feedback