Motek Medical - CAREN

CAREN (Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment) is Motek's leading product. A hardware and software system for registration, evaluation and training of functional human behaviour. CAREN systems always consist of a motion base, motion capture, a projection screen and the D-flow software. There are three default models available, which can all be tailored to your specific needs.

  • CAREN Base - This is the basic CAREN system and fully tailored for posture and balance related applications.
  • CAREN Extended - The CAREN extended system is a significant upgrade from the CAREN Base. The major differences are the additions of a dual belt instrumented treadmill mounted on the motion base and a wider peripheral vision scope. The CAREN Extended system is bespoke for both balance as well as all gait applications. In addition, the CAREN extended system contains a cylindrical projection screen that allows for peripheral vision up to 180 degrees.
  • CAREN High End - The CAREN high-end model is the most advanced setup, featuring a 360 degrees dome for a full immersion virtual reality experience.

The HBM Muscle Model explains how the CAREN Extended system works

Supplementing all CAREN configurations, Motek Medical provides additional integrated components that further enhance the use of the system. These additional components consist of:


Video Capture

Tailored motion capture suits

Data Gloves

Haptic systems

Energy Consumption System

Pressure measurement systems

Heart rate measurement systems

Head Mount Displays

CAREN Extended
CAREN High End