Sensor Technology

AMTI ( utilises two types of sensing technologies in its products: Strain Gauge and Hall Effect. Each offers distinct benefits and requires a unique hardware set up

Strain Gauge Technology - Standard Force Platforms: OR6 and BP range and Force Sensors

Most of AMTI's products use strain gauge technology, which provides the most accurate and flexible force measurement solution. (Hall Effect platforms offer comparable measurement performance when employed for their intended use.)

The working surface of an AMTI strain gauge-based product is supported by thin-walled cylindrical sensing elements. Each element is instrumented with strain gauges, which are excited by a constant voltage supplied by the connected signal conditioner/amplifier MSA-6 or GEN-5.

When a load is applied to the working surface of the transducer, strains occur in the walls of the supporting cylinders. This changes the electrical resistance of the strain gauges and produces a change in the output voltage that is proportional to the forces being applied. AMTI's patented arrangement of strain gauges isolates the signals caused by individual forces and moments, allowing them to be accurately and separately quantified.

Hall Effect Technology – Portable Force Platforms 

State of the art “Hall effect” (magnetic sensor) technology is used in the AMTI portable range of force platforms for balance, gait, power analysis and low load: Accusway, Accugait, AccuPower, HE600600 and HE6x6. The use of Hall Effect sensors means that the platforms are lightweight and extremely durable – a necessity for platforms which are going to be moved around. The portable platforms measure all six force and moment components and have a high overload capacity. 

Multiple Hall Effect sensors and magnets are arranged inside the force transducer. The sensors measure magnetic field changes that occur when integrated spring elements deflect due to the forces and moments acting upon the top surface. 

Signal amplification occurs inside AMTI’s Hall Effect-based products, eliminating the need for an external amplifier and limiting the necessary system components to an analogue or digital data cable.

Mounting is possible with Hall Effect force plates, but is typically unnecessary for the recommended applications. The systems are very easy to set up and have digital and analogue outputs.

OR6-7 platform
Popular strain gauge platform for balance or gait analysis.  
Rectangular strain gauge platform of choice for balance or gait analysis.  
Accusway Portable Platform
Popular multi-axis portable Hall Effect force platform system for balance analysis and training.
Accusway Dual Top
Two separate multi-axis Hall Effect force platforms, one for each foot.